Focus Technologies’ PolicyPort® Launches Expanded Lines of Business, Further Supporting Carrier Risk Exposure and Profitable Growth

Sunrise, FL – Focus Technologies, a Team Focus Insurance Group company, recently announced enhancements to its PolicyPort® system. This exposure and policy management system drives risk exposure management and profitable growth for insurance carriers and MGAs across the country. PolicyPort has always supported Homeowner, Condo, and Dwelling Fire Products, and has recently expanded its portfolio of support by adding management of additional lines of business:

  • Personal Auto
  • Commercial Property
  • Mobile Home

An intuitive, easy-to-use, Saas-based policy management solution, PolicyPort empowers carriers and MGAs to make changes faster, minimize their risk exposure, and grow their businesses profitably. With the addition of these new lines of support, PolicyPort is now positioned to provide even more value.

“Our PolicyPort system can now help carriers and MGAs manage their exposure and growth on an even greater scale,” said Pete Crowe, President of Team Focus Insurance Group. “Our team of experts can customize the system to meet each client’s needs, with fast deployment – in as little as two months – further enhancing the value we add to their business.”

“Our PolicyPort system can now help carriers and MGAs manage their exposure and growth on an even greater scale,” said Pete Crowe, President of Team Focus Insurance Group. “We pride ourselves on building tremendous partnerships with our clients, and the level of success we help them achieve,” said Crowe. “With the addition of Personal Auto, Commercial Property, and Mobile Home, we expand our capability and continue to be the partner to help our clients scale profitably.”


PolicyPort offers carriers the following benefits:

  • Low code product development and everything needed to quickly launch products.
  • Control exposure with real-time visibility into every transaction.
  • Expand to new states, products, and markets with rapid speed-to-market capabilities.
  • Adapt to any conditions quickly and easily by simply changing configurations, including rates, rules, forms, and exposure management.
  • Seamlessly connect to other systems with more than 30 built-in APIs and counting.
  • Most cost-effective provider in the market, allowing capital to be reallocated.
  • Fast deployment.
  • PolicyPort® suite automates agent workflows from start to finish, freeing up time for client’s teams to focus on growth.
  • With consistent deployment of underwriting rules and third-party data integration, clients can trust this platform to provide accurate, reliable information.

Focus Technologies is excited about what these enhancements will mean to their clients and the insurance industry.

“In the constantly shifting landscape of the insurance industry, it’s important that carriers have a policy management solution platform in place that will best position them for success,” said Crowe. “Our clients value our system so much they asked us to add these new capabilities. Our teams look forward to the additional success this expansion will achieve for our clients as we continue to be a key partner in their profitable growth strategy.”


In addition to Focus Technologies and its PolicyPort solution, Team Focus Insurance Group also offers insurance solutions for carriers and MGAs through its Focus Insurance Services group. Offering support in underwriting, customer care, claims management, and agency services, as well as print/mail/imaging/check processing services, Focus Insurance Services is a full-service partner dedicated to the success of each of its clients.

About Focus Technologies
Focus Technologies provides modern and intuitive cloud-based and SaaS policy administration solutions that drive profitability for insurance carriers and MGAs. Our PolicyPort® suite includes self-service digital portals, proactive risk management tools, smart underwriting, and exceptional speed-to-market capabilities. Through automated workflows, consistent deployment of underwriting rules, and an abundance of third-party data integrations, the platform provides accurate, reliable information that allows insurance companies to focus on their core products and grow profitably. As an innovative insurance services firm built by insurance professionals, our commitment to collaboration, accountability, and excellence in service has helped us build and launch more than 20 successful insurance carriers. Learn more at

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